Friday, April 24, 2015

Silly String for a Sababa Celebration

Day four: Post by Sophia
Today was one of the several adventures on this enthralling journey. We began the day of remembrance (Yom Hazikaron) on the Ammunition Hill, learning about the errors in intelligence information that led to losses in war. We had the opportunity to walk through the trenches and put ourselves in the soldiers' shoes. We later visited Har Hertzl, a gorgeous cemetery where Theodore Hertzl as well as fallen soldiers and victims of terror were buried. Instead of a normal cemetery this one was a garden. The experience of commemorating the soldiers who died for the People of Israel and Jewish community was something that meant a lot to me.  In Israel this holiday is much more respected and organized as opposed to America where not every one really gets the meaning of this holiday. Tonight during יום העצמות, the sad memorials for our soldiers who died quickly escalated to an upbeat celebration full of silly spray, light-up accessories, barbecues, and fireworks. There's no party like an Israeli party!  Me, my classmates, and new friends got to stay up past our normal curfew to party some more
 זה מאוד סבאבא!!! (Very "sababa"!)
Xoxo- Sophia/Freight Train

Look who we bumped into in Jerusalem!!  

Ammunition Hill 

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