Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hikes, Boats, and Plenty of Chocolate

      Today we went to Mitzpe Gadot and learned about history of Israel, including the Six Day War. Did you know that Mitzpe Gadot has 17,000 Jews, 1 city, and 2 ATMs, and more. 
     Then we hiked up Jilaboon in a 99 degree weather. We saw an outstanding waterfall. Then we devoured chocolate in De Karina. We got to see how they made some of their chocolate, which was so cool to watch, and we watched a short movie and then got to make our own chocolate, YUM!                  We made a quick pit stop to see the border between Israel (Golan Heights) and Syria and other places. Then we were on our way to go on a boat ride in the Kineret, and a dance party on the boat. The dance party was in my opinion one of the highlights of the trip. We partied like there was no tomorrow! Then we had dinner and went shopping and got Henna tattoos!
                             -Julia Udell

On the Kineret

Shoko B'sakit - Chocolate Milk in a Bag (an Israeli specialty!) 

Kosher Israeli Pizza in Katzrin (Golan Heights)! Delicious . . .  

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