Saturday, April 25, 2015

Exploring Low Places, and Reaching Great Heights!

Post by Julia Udell

On Thursday we met up with Yahli (our former classmate from 6th grade) at an Air Force base. Since it was the Independence Day there were 4 jets flying in the air going across Israel and it was something I will never forget. 
Then we crawled,slid, and dunked through the Bar Cochva caves. Next, we went to חצרים, a rocky desert, and rode camels which was very different in a good way. We slept in a Bedouin tent and mushed coffee beans. Then we woke up at 4:15 am to climb the famous Masada. We were blown away, literally and not literally, the wind was really hard. After that we went to the lowest place on Earth, the Dea Sea. It's really funny -  we climbed one of the biggest mountains and then went to the lowest place. 
Then we climbed through rocks in Eid Gedi to get to a beautiful waterfall. At the waterfall, Aviva and I collected rocks, and I now have a new hobby. Then we went back up to Jerusalem to a new hotel, and then the Kotel for Shabbat services.  
When we first got to the hotel, we tried watching the TV and we didn't know how to use it, so when we got to Nick it was in Hebrew and the voices were so different in the Israeli version. Then when we got to the Kotel we were dancing and celebrating - it was so much fun!

Sunrise atop Masada, with view of Dead Sea 

Floating in the Dead Sea


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