Monday, April 27, 2015

Machon Ayalon, Weizman Institute, and on to Kibbutz

April 26 - Post by Sophia B.

     Today on this glorious experience we went to a bullet factory (at Machon Ayalon) that was hidden under ground during World War II. We learned all about the process of bullet making and how many cover ups the 45 (then later 46) members working in this top secret factory had to make. They managed to produce 5 million bullets and had their factory from the British by hiding it underground with a bakery above them and a Laundry store to cover up the noise the bullet machines were making.
     The Weitzmann Institute had a lot of impressive and movie-like technology. I very much enjoyed the useful screens displayed through out the museum that we were able to touch and learn with. We then went to a very special museum called "Dialogue in the Dark." In this museum we got to empathize with people who are visually impaired or blind. We walked through it in complete darkness for an hour so we knew we couldn't just have in the back of our minds if we opened ours eyes we would be able to see again. We learned to use more of our other senses to hear, smell, and feel around where we were and what objects we were touching and which settings we were in. 
     We are currently at Kibbutz Deganya where we will be spending the night.
Xoxo- Sophia/Freight Train

Making new friends on Kibbutz

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