Sunday, May 3, 2015

Baking in Afula

This morning we left the Kibbutz Deganya and we went to Afula and volunteered with children with a difficult background. For example, some could have been abused or raised in a bad family. We made Challah with some of the kids, played soccer or went on a tour. I took the tour and I got to see the children's bedrooms and other places. At the center, they teach the children how to play instruments, art classes, they have a mini zoo with dogs, iguanas, hamsters, and more. It was a very emotional experience for me. Then we were off to Tel Aviv to go to a market and have lunch. On the way to the market Aviva and I played a hand game called Tennis, a slapping game, and I won!!! And then we arrived at Aviva's relatives’ house where we are spending Shabbat. 
-Julia (May 1) 

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